1pcs of Yogurberry Yogurt Maker Homemade Wellbeing Yogurt Pink review

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YogurBerry Yogurt Maker is a new kind of yogurt maker that you can make your own fresh and healthy yogurt at home by using hot water instead of electricity.

Size: 160 x 160 x 285 mm
Number of Cups:1 Fresh homemade well-being yogurt
Well-being : No artificial sweetness
Homemade : You can create your own recipes with family members.
Economical and Safety
Economical : No electricity fee, no concerns for A/S, cheaper than commercial yogurt products
Safety : No need for checking completion, free from fire accident
Simple and feminine design
Look of a milk carton that goes well with your kitchen Easy to use and clean, make up to 1L of yogurt at a time.
Technology of YogurBerry – global yogurt franchise Global brand running 250 stores in 20 countries including US, China, Australia, Venezuella, Nigeria and etc.