AIE-305 12″ Handheld Heat – Impulse Bag Sealer w/ 5mm Seal review

  • AIE-305MC Hand Bag Sealer w/ Magnetic Lock & Cutter
  • AIE Hand Impulse Sealer with Cutter
  • AIE Double Impulse Sealer 10mm
  • Sealer Sales KF-Series Foot Sealer Demonstration

If you package food, parts, supplies and other products in a bag, you probably have the need for a hand held impulse bag sealer. One of our most popular bag sealers is the AIE impulse hand sealer. These sealers come in a wide range of lengths, depending on the size of the bag being sealed shut. These sealers are pre-tested in the United States for dependability. AIE continues to be one of our most popular bag sealer manufacturers. These handheld impulse sealers can be used with most plastic materials and create a seal that is both airtight and watertight. Buy yours today!