amadana Toaster oven (Vertical type) ATT-T11S (Silver) review

Product features ◆ Handle adopts real leather which enhances texture as interior ● The handle adopts "genuine leather" which increases the texture to the extent of using it. ◆ Front mirror glass that directs beautiful appearance ● Mirror glass at the front expresses our own view of the world. ◆ Texture like audio like timer & heater switching dial ● The dial part reminiscent of audio is not only beauty, it has become easy to handle even for long women nails. ◆ Side dishes in the upper row, toast in the lower row ● At the same time different things are burned 2 stage type. ◆ Deliciously baking a variety of menus ● According to the menu, you can change the firepower, so you can bake a variety of menus deliciously. ● Toast, as well as cooked lunch for side dishes of frozen foods, pizza and gratin popular among children, every day is a big success.