Chefman RJ02 Panini Grill and Press, Silver review

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Use your Panini Grill and Press to grill sandwiches, breads, quesadillas. The word "panini" is an Italian word for grilled sandwiches. Panini can include a combination of ingredients such as vegetables, meat and cheese layered between two pieces of freshly baked bread. The sandwich is then pressed between two grill plates to toast the bread and warm the filling. The Chefman Panini Grill and Press was designed with a unique handle and hinge that allows the cover to adjust to the thickness of the sandwich you are preparing. This allows for even toasting and heating. Light pressure can be applied to the handle to press and heat the sandwich to your liking. When cooking two or more panini it is important that the thickness of all the sandwiches is the same so the cover will close evenly on the panini.