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My goodness, my Guinness … at home! * This Guinness keg refrigerator system provides you almost every little thing you should start delighting in best pints of velvety, stouty deliciousness in the convenience of your own simple residence! All you'll need to complete it off is a nitrogen tank and also a keg of the black things itself! * If you determine you would certainly like a little something lighter, a standard draft beer tap is consisted of for easy dispensing. You can still use your mixed gas container, it will certainly just create a tighter, more-carbonated sparkling head. * Few points in nature are as powerful as a desire for a chilly, frozen glass of Guinness. Put this stout kegerator in your house and also you'll never ever need to settle for a can once more! * Please note: This Guinness kegerator does NOT include a gas container. Visit this site if you need to get one. * Before you get you'll want to call your neighborhood gas dealer(s) as well as ask about the accessibility of the blended gas you'll require (75% Nitrogen, 25% CO2). Likewise inquire exactly what their storage tank spec demands are for combined gas dental filling, consisting of: dimension (cubic video), score (i.e. 2015) as well as sort of shutoff head utilized (CO2 or Nitrogen). * Specs – Beverage Air BM23 Keg Refrigerator Spec Sheet, Dimensions: 24"W x 37 1/2"H x 28 1/2"D, Net Capacity: 7.8 Cu Ft., Unit will certainly hold and also dispense (1) 1/2 keg, (1) 1/4 keg or (1) 5 gallon keg, as well as Guinness is ONLY available in 1/2 kegs in the United States. * Includes – (1) Chrome stout faucet (No Guinness logos on it), (1) Regular chrome faucet head to give beers other than Guinness, (1) Guinness keg coupler, (1) Double gauge nitrogen regulator, (1) Nitrogen Regulator to CO2 Tank Adapter, (1) Air line jumper for the regulatory authority, (1) Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit, (1) Refrigerator Thermometer, (1) Instruction manual, as well as Does not include a nitrogen gas cyndrical tube.