Generic NV_1008004094_YC-US2 Cups/hrachine Coff Sealing Machine Manual 270W Coffee Boba Bubble Cup Sealer Tea 300 500 Cups/hr Manual 270W review

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Commercial design in shine blue coated
Heavy duty and durable stainless steel structure
Stainless steel roller for precise film transferring
Smooth edge on top of either side board for safe operation
12 1/2" excellent long handle to save time and labor
Indicator lights for easy operation
Suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars, etc.

Cup Holder Diameter: 2.75"/3"/3.5"
For Use with Cup Diameters:2-3/4"(70mm),3"(76mm) and 3-3/4"(95mm)
Max Cup Heigh:4-5/7"(120mm)
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Power: 270W
Operation Speed: 300-500 Cups/Hour
Temperature Control Range: 50-250¡æ /122-482¨H
Film Material & Sealing Temperature:
PE (Polyethylene)£º 170-190¡æ /338-374¨H
PP (Polypropylene)£º 170-210¡æ /338-392¨H
PS (Polystyrene)£º 180-190¡æ /356-374¨H
PET (Polyester)£º 160-200¡æ /320-392¨H
Film£º 120-180¡æ /248-356¨H

Package Content:
1x Manual Cup Sealing Machine
4x Triangular Plates
2x Rolling Tubes with Spring and Rings
1x Film Collecting Roll
1x Cup Mold
1x Instruction Manual