Happybuy Induction Sealing Machine 110V Manual Induction Sealer 20 – 100 mm Induction Sealer White review

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DGYF-500A applies to inductive thermal sealing of nonmetal bottles of plastic or glass, and cup shaped containers and adopts updated and popular airproof sealing method. The inductive thermal sealing can not only improve the product's grade, prevent from absorbing natural humidity, prolong the shelf period, enhance fakeproof performance but also speed the sealing and quality of sealing product. Nowadays, it has become an essential sealing facility and been widely used in pharmacy, chemical industry, food, beverage, grease, cosmetic and other industries.The machine should be used in an excellent environment. It is fit for small and discontinous sealing work. Excessive temperature and relative humidity have bad effect on the working life, even damage the machine directly.


Portable hand-held model

Easy to operate, provides tamper proof package

No moving parts, noise free,100% solid state surface mount electronics for long life dependability

Safe in use.Designed with touch panel and protection circuit against over-current and over-temperature

Through non-contact inductive heating, both the inductive film and aluminum foil compound film will be tightly stuck onto the opening of the sealing object (or cup) after instantly thermal melting so as to reach the target of seal

Item Specifications


Cable Power:110V 60HZ

Output Power:500W

Static Power Consumption:≤0.1A

Max. Allowable Current: