Juice Extractor WOQI Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Professional Cold Press Juicer ANTI Oxidation Juice Maker Machine With Juice Jug and Cleaning Brush for Healthy Diet review

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Why pick the WOQI juicer: 1. Very little Oxidation: Juice is more nutritious, tastes better and fresher, and lasts longer. 2. Obtain More Juice and More Nutrients: To produce delicious juices, milks, sauces, marinades as well as infant foods promptly and also easily. 3. Food Safe Standard: BPA PMMA made use of in juicing parts. Specification: 1. Product: Aluminum Alloy 2. Product Size: 16.14 x 7.9 x7.9 inches 3. Voltage:110 -120 V 4. Frequebcy: 60-110 Hz 5. RPM: 32rpm 6. Standard usage time: Less than 20 mins continually 7. Weight: Net 7.7 pound, Gross 9.9 pound 8. Electric cable length: 1100mm Package Contents: 1x Main Slow Juicer 2x 950ml Pitcher 1x Juice Cap 1x Cleaning Brush 1x User Manual FAQs 1. The choice of ingredients is important. As well hard components will break the juicer. Celery and also gingers should be cut thinly throughout the difficult fibers. Too soft components, e.g., bananas, Kiwi fruits, mangos are difficult to be pressed. 2. There will certainly be some fine pulps in the juice. It is common for chomping juicers, and benefits pulp enthusiasts. The pulps can be removed with a filter. The great pulps (not the challenging fiber pulps from the departure) are excellent nutrition smart, and also can be made use of for making cake, rice, soup, etc. 3. Feed tiny portions right into the chute progressively as opposed to adding big quantities at one time. ATTENTION 1. If the juicing screw is blocked, please press REV (Reverse Rotation) for a few secs to unclog. 2. The overload security system might turn off the juicer due to motor getting too hot, unpredictable power supply, inappropriate setting up, idle run, etc. When this takes place, the juicer will certainly be locked off for 1 hour. Please wait.