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The Kenmore Elite Black Stand Mixer is the Perfect Addition to Any Serious Kitchen Whether you run a home, entertain legions of family or just love delicious homemade treats, the Kenmore Black Mixer helps you get more mixing, kneading, whipping and folding done in less time without all the work. The perfect way to turn complicated multi-step recipes into simple, fun cooking experiences, this mixer delivers power, versatility and a unique motion that ensures every chunk of sugar and flour is blended to perfection. Featuring interchangeable mixing tools like a wire whip, dough hook and flat beater, no matter what you have to mix with the Kenmore black stand mixer, from sugary homemade icing to savory sauces to hearty wholegrain breads, you have the tools to get it done. And powered by a potent 400 watt electric motor, no matter how thick the dough, you'll be able to knead it quickly and easily for the perfect loaf every time. Forget about splatter caused by abrupt starting and stopping, the Kenmore black mixer features a touch SensiClickTM speed dial that ensures a slow start-up and stop that will help keep batter and sauces in the bowl while giving you the appropriate speed for whatever you're creating. Whether you're churning out chewy cookie dough, whipping up a frothy dessert topping or prepping a stuffing for a turkey or chicken, you'll have the power and speed to mix it right at your finger tips. A great way to ensure everything is fully mixed and ready for the oven, the Kenmore black mixer features an IllumalightTM LED lamp mounted just above the mixing bowl, and an easy-tilt head so you can remove the bowl quickly and easily when the mixture is complete.