KitchenArt KAYM-20Y Yogurmaster Electric Yogurt Maker 1000ml 220V review

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How to use Put 150ml of yogurt to 700ml of the fresh milk and agitate it. Then, pour it to the container for yogurt to the proper line. Put the lid over the container for yogurt and then put the container into the fermentation container before putting the lid on. Put the power plug in and light on the power lamp. It takes 8 hours to make the yogurt. It takes about 8 to 12 hours to ferment. Plug out the cable and take out the container for yogurt before putting it into the refrigerator. Notes for use The low temperature sterilized milk or the milk with high contents of calcium may not ferment. Clean the container for yogurt and store it in dray area. Keep it clean while fermenting. Do not put the lid of the storage container in hot water nor boil it.