Maxi-Matic EPM-650 Elite 6-Ounce Old Fashioned Table Top Popcorn Popper Machine with Accessories, Red review

  • Elite Deluxe EPM 200 Maxi Matic 8 Ounce Popcorn Popper Machine with Trolley, Red
  • Elite Deluxe EPM-200 Maxi-Matic 8 Ounce Popcorn Popper Machine with Trolley

Family and friends can enjoy traditional hot oil kettle popcorn with Elite's classic style tabletop popcorn popper. Features include a 6-ounce stainless steel kettle with built in stirring system, flexi-glass windows and door and warming light to keep popcorn hot. Makes up to 2-gallon of popcorn per batch. Includes all stainless steel accessories: detachable 6-ounce kettle, salt shaker, popcorn scoop, measuring cup and spoon.