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Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker Easily create delicious Cake Pops with custom decorations all on your own! The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker requires zero baking! Just add water to the mix, make your Cake Pops and then place in the fridge for 15 minutes. Dip the Cake Pop in icing, decorate with 3 kinds of sprinkles and customize your pops using the included stencils and tags. The Cake Pop Maker has everything you need to easily create mouth-watering Cake Pops! Discover easy-to-make no bake Cake Pops with the Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker! Product Weight: 1.96 Product Dimensions(in inches): 14.00 X 12.00 X 3.20 Dimensions are provided for general reference only and are neither meant to indicate the dimensions of the package used for shipping nor the product's specific dimensions. Typically, the dimensions represent the dimension's of the manufacturer's packaging. "Compare At" Pricing: The "compare at" price that is struck through above represents the original price of the product as sold by Toys "R" Us. This price may or may not represent the price the product is currently being offered for sale or has been offered for sale within any particular period of time by the seller or another online retailer.