OrangeA Vacuum Sealer Machine Vacuum Packing Machine Vacuum Chamber Kit Kitchen Storage Food Saver Preserving System 120W Commercial Grade Stainless Steel review

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The desktop vacuum sealer may packing various of ripe products, salted, bean products, fruit product to be fresh.After vacuum packaging,the food may keep it's original taste and stored much longer.The machine is structured with tightness packaging materials with strict advanced seal technology, prevent food going spoilage.It is also suitable for small size object packing and for packing money and financial document,voucher etc.

Technical Parameter

Suction Speed:2 CFM

Inlet air bore:6 mm

Noise: < 40 dB

Outline dimensions:560x430x490mm


How to use

A.Vacuumizing time:according to the packing requirements and the value indicated on the vacuum gauge,the time may be prolonged after reaching -0.1 MPA with the maximum time of 50 seconds for products with high packing moisture or other special products.It depends on he actual situations.

B.Sealing time:heat time is form 1.5s to 2s normally.

C.Fuse tube:power supply fuse

D.Power switch:turn the button to ON position to work,turn to OFF position to turn off operation.

1.Connect power supply and firmly earth;

2.Turn on power supply button;

3.Adjustable suction time;

4.Pack the goods well and place at the sealing position inside the vacuum chamber;

5.The machine starts working if pressing organic cover and finishes work when the vacuum returns to zero.

It especially applies to industries as tea,food,medicine,shop and research institute,etc.and has features as beautiful outline,compact structure,high efficiency and simple operation,etc.