PowMax WW-24 Maker with Travel Coffee Single Cup Coffee Personal One Cup Coffee Coffee Maker,Mug Coffee Dripper Brew with Ground Coffee or Coffee Pods review

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Product description
PYRUS One-Cup Coffee Maker
Anytime and anywhere, brewing a cup of personal coffee in convenient and cost-effective way.
Ideal for your easy-home style and modern on-the-go lifestyle.
Single cup coffee maker with 14-oz(420ml) travel mug with permanent filter
Mug fits in most automobile cup holders
One-touch operation switch with light indicator
2-in-1 to brew ground coffee and soft coffee pod
24 hour programmable timer with blue backlight
Automatic switch off
With travel mug

Product Name: PYRUS One-Cup Coffee Maker
Rated Voltage: 120V/220V-240V
Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 650-750W

Package Includes:
1*PYRUS One-Cup Coffee Maker
1* Travel Mug