Siroca Home bakery (2 loaf “1.2 kg” type) SB-111 review

Product features ◆ Happy being you can eat freshly baked bread at home. ● It is safe to use materials as it is made by oneself. Basic bread with a simple taste that does not get tired of eating every day. Freshly baked bread that you could not taste unless you made time to spare, just set the ingredients and press the button, you can easily eat at home. ◆ Flavorful handmade Buckwheat leaves it easy to enjoy at home with buckwheat soba with easy flavor, leave it to home bakery newly with buckwheat dough, summer as bamboo shoots, winter in cold springs, one It's a buckwheat noodle course that you can enjoy all year round ◆ Timer Maximum 13 hours with timer reservation that can be baked at the time you want to eat. ◆ Since 1 bread, 1.5 bread, 2 loaf bread burns can bake breads from 1 loaf to 2 loaf breads, even if you live alone, you can bake one at a time in a family of four (※Some menus do not correspond to 2 loaf) ◆ You can choose three kinds of baking colors, "Thin / ordinary / dark" according to your preference.