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Make your own soda or seltzer at home in just seconds! No need to trouble with lugging house hefty containers then having them go level. With the Soda-Club ® Home Soda Maker, you'll make your own wonderful sampling seltzer or soda in a range of flavors, anytime within your reaches. It's enjoyable, easy and all set in secs. 3-year guarantee. The Fountain Jet residence soft drink manufacturers is streamlined as well as straightforward to make use of and also praises any type of cooking area design. Make soft drink or seltzer at the push of a button. Set consists of the Fountain Jet Soda Maker, 1 Alco2Jet ® Carbonator (makes approx. 110 litres of seltzer), 2 Carbonating Bottles as well as a corresponding collection of syrups.