Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator – 10 Trays: Chrome Shelves with 3/4″ Holes review

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These advanced jerky dehydrators are created with an innovative design to maximize air circulation. With ten shelves and a unique racking system, you can dry a generous amount with each use. Made of food grade stainless steel with chrome-plated shelves, your heavy-duty stainless dehydrator will not rust. Improved controls and a twelve-hour timer make it easy to regulate your drying and the unit automatically shuts off at the end of its cycle. A hole in the louvered door allows you to insert a thermometer to monitor the internal conditions during dehydration and the removable back panel makes cleaning and routine maintenance quick and easy. Features: 10 shelves. Adjustable thermostat. Equipped with louvres on the doors. Rear mounted fan. Specs: Material: 22 gauge stainless steel. Power: 800W. Drying Space: 16 sq ft. Dehydrating Area Dimensions: 16 3/4"W x 13 3/4"H x 15"D. Outside Dimensions: 17"W x 16 1/4"H x 19"D. Shelf Dimensions: 16 1/4"W x 14 1/2"D. . One year warranty on parts and labor.