TANICA Fermented food Maker “KAMOSICO” KS-12C (Brown)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 review

Product features ◆ Fermented diet that can be made with KAMOSICO ● Caspian Sea Yogurt / Kefir Yogurt / Commercially available yoghurt, etc. Various yoghurts and fermented foods such as salt koji / miso / amazake / natto can be made with one unit. ◆ Temperature control in 1 degree centigrade. Also supports long fermentation. ● KAMOSICO can adjust the temperature in 1 ° C unit within the range of 25 ° C to 65 ° C, timer function can be set from 1 hour to 48 hours and it also supports long fermentation such as natto or salt koji. ◆ With this one your original fermented meal ● From cosmetic and health improvements in the intestinal environment. ● Fermented meals including salt koji, sweet sake and natto are Japanese culture. ● With KAMOSICO, anyone can easily send a rich fermentation food life ◆ All KAMOSICO has all-in-one set ● Everything necessary for making fermented food such as draining basket, paper filter etc is set and it is possible to make a fermented meal from that day. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge