Tinychefs Multifunctional Airfryer, Oil-Less Airfryer 10 litres Health Halogen Turbo Hot Air Fryer Multi Grill Oven Temperature Control No Splatter review

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– Transparent upper cover, you can see the whole cooking process clearly
– Double seal design, it is safe to use and has no harm to your hands
– 10L capacity, you are able to roast a complete chicken in the kitchen
– 360 degree overturn, foods can be turned repeatedly and heated evenly
– Intelligent control panel, convenient to operate
– Multiple cooking modes, you can choose different modes as you like
– Inner container can gather spiral hot air, improving heating efficiency
– Separable and non-stick inner container, easy to clean
Usage of accessories:
– Baking cage: can help you fry chips, popcorn, salt baked nuts, popcorn chicken and other small sized foods
– Chicken fork: this is designed for cooking chicken, duck, goose and other big sized steaks
– Dual rack: with tin foil papers or a frying pan, you can heat and roast pizza, cupcake, chicken wings and so on
– Tongs: use it to pick up hot food and frying pan, preventing your fingers from hurting
– Filter: it can drain off oil if you put foods on it, another advantage is to decrease oil dirt if you install it on the inside cover
– Capacity: 10L
– Timer setting: 0 – 60 minutes
– Rated voltage: 120V
– Frequency: 60Hz
– Power: 1300W
– Fuse: 157 Deg.C / 15A / 125V
– Cable length: 150cm
– Model: AF – M001
– Shell material: PP
-Package Contents: 1 x Air Fryer, 1 x English User Manual, 1 x English Recipe Book, 1 x Chicken Fork, 1 x Tongs, 1 x Baking Cage, 1 x Dual Rack, 1 x Filter