Tongyang Magic Maf-200 Air Fryer Food Dryer Yogurt Maker Multi Function Cooker 220v/ Oil Fat Free Walita Airfryer review

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Product specifications

Model No.: MAF-200
Brand: Tongyang Magic
Size: 277 x 281 x 297 mm
Capacity: 3.6 L
Power consumption: 1500W
Voltage: 220V, 60Hz
Color: White
Weight: 6.05Kg
Composition : Main body,3Trays,4Containers
Temperature : Oven (160~200 °C),Dryer (70 °C), Fermentation (45 °C)
Timer : Air Oven(60minutes),Dry or Fermentation : (50 Minutes)
Electric Safe Certificate No.: JH007740-13001
Main Function: Air fryer, Food dryer, Yogurt maker, baking

Product Features Advanced Cooking Technology – Both Available high temperature cooking and low temperature cooking.
You can use it as a fryer as well as Yogurt maker,Baking,Food dryer.
Detachable Body.
Digital Touch pad system.
Widely Adjustable Tempearture.
Digital timer(60M/50H).
Alarm System.
Slim Design.
Safety Holder.
Large Capacity(3.6L) Design.
Non-slip Bracket.
Easy to wash.