TOSHIBA Yogurt Maker “YOGURT KOUBOU NATURIA” TYM-1000(W) (White) review

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Product features ★ Multi-fermentation function that you can enjoy from topical yogurt to natural yeast deep-fried rice! ★ 25 to 50 ° C temperature setting function ◆ Handmade fresh, three kinds of yogurt ● Yogurt ● Caspian Sea Yogurt ● Kefir yogurt ◆ Once you set it, leave it to the rest! Timer function ● You can set the timer time in 1 hour units from 1 to 24 hours. ● Convenient because it memorizes the setting contents used last time. ● After the start, the remaining time is displayed on the LCD screen. ◆ It can also be cooked, very convenient! Approximately 1200 ml × 2 large containers are included ● Since it is about 1200 ml container, it is the perfect size to make yogurt with 1 L pack milk and 100 ml seed bacteria. Moreover, because it comes with 2 pieces, it is convenient for making.