VacMaster PRO140 Suction Vacuum Sealer review

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Seal food for maximum freshness with the VacMaster PRO140 Vacuum Sealer. Our cleverly compact vacuum packaging machine brings professional dual piston pump power to the home user. With our easy-to-operate machine you can store your food with the press of a button. Just place your food in a suction bag and let the PRO140 suck out the oxygen from around the food. Once the bag is sealed your food is protected from oxygen microbes and contaminants. Automatic and manual vacuum and seal methods give you a variety of packaging options. The “Pulse” vacuum option allows for vacuum packaging even delicate foods by removing air out of a bag bit by bit to ensure the food won't be damaged by rapid compression. In addition, the PRO140 features an “Extended Seal Time” option for use with thicker, heavier-duty storage bags and a marinating option perfect for infusing your food with flavor. The PRO140 accepts bags and rolls up to 12” wide and works with all VacMaster® accessories. With more features at an attractive price, the PRO140 is the perfect addition to any home kitchen. Join the vacuum packaging revolution and never worry about wasting food again. Let the PRO140 solve your food storage problems. Enjoy the professional way at home!