Vitamix 1442 Rinse-O-Matic Blender Container Rinser review

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This Rinse-O-Matic Blender Container rinser from Vitamix is easy to use and is the most efficient way to rinse stubborn residue from blender containers. The powerful spray forcefully removes residue, even from hard-to-reach corners. This rinser is designed to effectively clean containers from most manufacturers that hold up to 64 ounces of volume.Model #: 1442 Color: Black Material: ABS Plastic Suction Cups At The Base Hold It Firmly In The Sink Powerful Spray Durable – It's Verified To Perform More Than 1 Million Cycles Cleans Containers From Most Manufacturers That Hold Up To 64 Ounces Of Volume 1 Year Limited Warranty Width: 5.5" Depth: 5.5" Height: 13.6" 6025003